Blaine Higgs won’t cancel Medavie deal if elected Premier.

The Gallant government finally released the 28-page agreement with Medavie for the privatization of extra-mural. In it there is a penalty of $1 million if the province decides to cancel the deal without cause.

After the agreement was made public Higg’s first said he needed time to look over the information that was released but has since told media that if his government is elected in Sept 2018, they will not be cancelling the agreement with Medavie.

Higgs did himself no favors when he told media that it was “reckless” to pledge that promise. Which paints a picture of one in the same between Liberals and Conservatives.

At this time Higgs plans to monitor the service performance and see if there are going to be any job losses in result of the agreement.

The head of the seniors group that has been vocal against the decision from the beginning Cecile Cassista told media, “opposition parties are going to have to come clean and be clear of what their intentions are before the election.”

All three other parties, Peoples Alliance of New Brunswick, Green, and NDP have promised to scrap the deal if elected. Leaving Higgs as the odd man out.

The total amount of salaries and benefits are $2,054,560, and the agreement is worth a total of $74 million over the 10 year period, plus $2.6 million a year for administration costs.

If the company hits targets they are entitled to $1.8 million annually for “performance bonuses”.



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