Kris Austin on terminating Medavie deal & New Brunswick winter road conditions.

(Photo: Kris Austin Leader of The People’s Alliance of New Brunswick)

The leader of the People’s Alliance of New Brunswick has announced that if elected his party would cancel the contract with Medavie at a $1 million cost to taxpayers.

Terminating Medavie deal…

In a post, via People’s Alliance Website Austin says, “The People’s Alliance will seek to terminate the deal with Medavie to manage extramural care in the province.”

Austin says that because of the added $4 million annually and what he considers “questionable management practices” in regards to Ambulance New Brunswick himself and the part is “less than confident” with the decision the current government has made.

The leader also mentions transparency and says that because the contract was mot open tender and the Liberal government did not consult with New Brunswickers, he believes that has eroded “the trust citizens place in this government.”

In ending Austin gave his solution and explained he would restore extramural care to what he says is “an exceptional public service that is well known for its high satisfaction among clients and patients.”

Winter road conditions…

On January 8th, 2018, The People’s Alliance also called on the current government to restore funding to the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure and to improve winter maintenance.

They believe like so many across the province that the cuts and changes made to the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure over the past two governments (Gallant & Alward) have resulted in “treacherous road conditions during the winter season”.

However, after CUPE president has been putting Transportation and Infrastructure Minister Bill Fraser feet to the fire on this issue Fraser said to media, “We simply don’t have the resources in place right at this time to do everything that the CUPE president is suggesting.”


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