Miramichi Salvation Army no longer helping a ​woman after she helped out a stranger during Christmas.

(Photo of the letter Stephanie Laura Bordage received)

The Salvation Army in Miramichi, N.B is under fire after deciding to no longer help a woman in the area. It all started when Stephanie Laura Bordage received a letter from Director Deborah Hilliard dated January 8th, 2018 stating:

“We have learned recently from a post on ‘For Sale in Miramichi’ and from Jessica Diotte’s Facebook page that you helped provide clothing, toys, and food to her and her daughter this Christmas”

They continued by stating although it was commendable they expect anyone that applies for a Christmas Hamper from the Salvation Army would not “have the means to assist someone else.”

Ending it by stating, “It appears that you have the means to provide an appropriate Christmas to your family, and so do not require our assistance. Therefore, we have made a notation in your file that you no longer require a Christmas hamper from us.

Stephanie took to Facebook to express her frustration writing “I am so disgusted with this!” Claiming that no money came from her to help the person in need.  She continued with “Yes I applied for a hamper because I as this family needed help.” She wrote that it is horrible that herself and her children have to be punished because she made a plea to the public for the family in need.

“How dare you take from a family in need because I asked our community to help with this family as she was not able to apply for a hamper because she knew nothing about it!” 

Each year the Salvation Army asks for donations in cities across North America and although the company itself is not immune to criticism the Miramichi, N.B location has not had this type of exposure before.

Others in the area had less than nice things to say after the post was made public one person wrote: “This woman raised money for a stranger that was in the same situation as she and were denied a Christmas hamper because of it.. disgusting!”

Stephanie says that she knows the feeling of needing help, and not wanting to ask! She said, “It’s hard enough having to go and apply for a hamper but to be shamed for helping someone else out.”

Another woman spoke about her experience with the organization and why she no longer will donate to them writing, “I will never forget what they did to a man when I was about 14-years-old who needed a coat but because he didn’t have enough money they wouldn’t let him have it, I gave him the $2 he was missing so he could get that coat.”


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7 replies

  1. That is so sad get punish because she helped another family in need I will no longer donate until this is resolve


  2. I see a big misunderstanding here somewhere. Did this lady raise the money to provide for the other family or did she take it from her own savings? Just asking.


  3. Shocking!!! I am orherwusw speacless 😔


  4. Why was the Salvation Army monitoring someone’s Facebook in the first place?


  5. Salvation Army is not the charitable organization it once was. I will never donate to this organization for various reasons but this really tops it off.


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